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Incomprehensible Intimacy

God is Holy. In His Holiness, His "separateness", God is far above anything we can think or imagine. He is eternal, meaning He is outside time and space. He is infinite. There is no beginning nor is there an end to God. God is and always will be. God is all-powerful and can do everything consistent with His nature. He is the Sovereign One who is in control of every breath, every thought, every word, and every action. He knows all and sees all. As A.W. Tozer said in The Knowledge of the Holy, God is "everywhere and at the same time nowhere" for He is not bound by human limitation. God's wisdom is infinite. His power is limitless. There is nothing the human tongue can ever say to properly describe God.

And yet...

At the same time, God is personal. He's intimate. God is the God who desires to be with His people. In order to glorify Himself, God has made a way for His people to be with Him. By the power of the Cross, God has torn the veil, giving believers access into His presence. Christ has made a way for you and I to talk to Him, to, in a sense, feel Him, and know Him.

But we stoop too low in describing our relationship with God. To some of us, He's our copilot, our taxi driver, our boyfriend. Such terms do not capture the greatness of the One with whom we have a relationship with. He is far above anything we can ever imagine.

As a child of God, your relationship with the Son of God is far above describing with any words. You have the ability to get to know the God of the Universe, the Almighty, the Alpha and the Omega. Yet this ability does not come from you.

God, because of His love and His mercy with which He lavished upon you, chose out of desire, not force, to have a relationship with you, all resulting in His glory.

Is it not hard to comprehend? That the Infinite One would desire to be intimate and personal with you? That the One who holds the stars and every breath in the palm of His hand would send His Son to die for you? Because He loves you?

It should cause you to weep. It should cause to ask, "What am I, that you would take thought of me?"(Psalm 8) Then it should cause you to rejoice over the reality that God chose you to have a relationship with Him.

You were dead. You were under the wrath of God. You, because of your sin, crucified the Son of God to a tree.

And yet...

He loves you. He raised you up from the dead to walk in newness of life, so that you can pursue Him.

It may be that you've forgotten this reality. Even in your worship, you've forgotten the relationship that you share with God. So you've committed "spiritual adultery". You've wandered after the things of this world. You've left your First Love (Rev. 2:4).

Can I tell you that in spite of your sin, God loves you? He's calling you back to Himself. Then from your sin. Repent. Turn to Christ and experience the Incomprehensible Intimacy that He offers.

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